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The Power of Presence

The unseen benefits of adding structure to your life


What a recent business decision taught me about gratitude

Wealth 3.0

The next evolution in how society views wealth

Rich Enough

On bringing your best self to each moment

Does Delaying Retirement Really Matter?

How to think about whether a habit is worth it

Stop Watching Inflation

It's not helpful - here's what you should do instead


On how to level up your financial game without getting bogged down by a Scarcity Mindset


On the unseen benefits of financial health, and how it pays dividends here and now


On the importance of taking ownership of your life

Road Rage and Hugs

What it's all about at the end of the day

Creative Destruction and Zero-Based Budgeting

How even an unintentional fresh start can be a good thing

Problems I Wished For

How to think about the problems that make up your life

Should You Quiet Quit?

Is Quiet Quitting all it's cracked up to be?

The Paradox of Planning

The necessity of staying nimble and informed

Are You Intelligent?

How your form of intelligence should impact your plans

When One Door Closes...

What it takes to be intentional about growth

Saying Yes vs. Saying No

How to keep your time open for what matters without going too far

Headwinds vs. Tailwinds: Achieving Career Alignment

What your experience at work says about how well it aligns with who you are

The Power of Accountability

When to change your mind and when and how to stand firm

Three Ways to Own Your Time

How to own your time and why it matters

"When Chasing More Means Making Less" Addendum

Response to a friend of the pod on risk aversion and career choice

Money Is Time

How thinking like a business can help you make better spending decisions

"I Need a Vacation"

Where vacations fit into the good life

Overdetermined: When a Good Decision Hides in Plain Sight

When the right choice is so obvious you don't even see it

When Chasing More Means Making Less

How to think about money as a motivation for your job choice

The Market Downturn and You

How we should react to the stock market slide

Three Reasons To Find Your Job Interesting

How taking an interest in your work is more important than you think

How to Think About Networking

Fulfilling work is enabled not just by your bank account, but by your network

How To Make a Good Spending Decision

The way to apply big-picture thinking to spending decisions

What Is Financial Independence Good For?

The real reason to pursue FI, and how to do so with that in mind

How Much Is Enough?

On determining the income that will make life work for you

Are You Ready to Get Horizontal?

On the difference between a vertical role and a horizontal role at work

From Cog to Creative

On the essential nature of creativity to finding fulfilling work

Financial Stoicism: What You Can Actually Control

On the importance of distinguishing what you can control from what you cannot control, and focusing on the former

What Career Is Right for Me?

10 lessons on finding your path

Fitness Quotes and Personal Finance

What we can learn from elite athletes about how to manage our lives

Life Goals

On how to maintain balance while pursuing your ultimate why

"I Hate My Job"

On what to do when these words cross your mind

The Life Cycle of Consumption

On the different spending seasons of life

The Miracle of Compounding

How small changes can make a big difference over time

A Cure for the Boring Middle

How to make the gap between point A and point B a feature, not a bug

3 Problems with Your Retirement Plan

Why conventional retirement planning misses the mark

The Cure for Introversion

On the importance of being proud of the role you play

Parenting and Entrepreneurship

Similarities in the skills required

The Perils of Overconfidence

How overconfidence can hurt our lives and our wallets

From Zero-Sum to A Rising Tide

On the importance of building things

Financial Independence vs. Retire Early

What do we really want?

Retiring TO, Not FROM

What so many people miss when thinking about retirement

My Path to Financial Independence

A plan is a great start, but it's not everything

3 Reasons Net Worth Doesn’t Cut It

It's not all it's cracked up to be, and here's why

Penny Wise and Pound Foolish: My Hulu Blunder

A story about how blindly following heuristics can get you into trouble

Wall Street: Academy of Humility

My time on Wall Street and what it taught me about how to think

It's About Time

Diving into how we should REALLY be thinking our finances

So You Think You Know Your Expenses…

It's not as easy as you think to figure out what you ACTUALLY spend

When Questions Are No Longer Welcome

An exploration of Impostor Syndrome and how to navigate your career

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