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Personal Finance in Terms of Time

Simplify your finances

and get on with your life

Simplify your finances and get on with your life

Understand your money in terms of what really matters: your time

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Try It Free

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"I've been using ChroniFI for months now and truly there's no comparable tool I've used to help me reach my financial goals."


— Small Business Owner

Our Simple Process

Simplify your financial health down to simple numbers expressed in units of time

Monitor your status over time and track your progress toward your ideal life

Gain confidence about where you stand and how long it will take to be Financially Independent

Transition to Financial Independence with confidence and clarity on your own schedule


Choose something to solve for and then change the other sliders to see where you need to be.

The ChroniFI

Dashboard & Tools

ChroniFI – how long you can afford to be Financially Independent right now

Years to Financial Independence (FI)

Snapshots – Track progress and monitor trends

Sandbox – Visualize the life that you can afford

Money Flows – View your money's life cycle

Job Switch Heatmap, Cash Runway, Habit Calculator, Rent vs. Buy, One-Off Expenses ...

No CC required • 30-day free trial • Only $17/month after


Who Needs ChroniFI

Highly paid and skilled professionals with goals to make monumental career or life shifts

Those who are motivated to reach Financial Independence and Retire Early (FIRE)

Professionals who are burnt out from the 9-5 and are seeking something more fulfilling out of life

Anyone who wants to live a more meaningful life and optimize for time (instead of money)

Personal finance or FIRE enthusiasts who love data and spreadsheets

Start enjoying your journey to financial independence with ChroniFI.

Try It Free

No CC required • 30-day free trial • Only $17/month after

"As a personal finance enthusiast, I've always had my own way of tracking and monitoring my family's financial goals and status. After using ChroniFI for the last 8 months, I've been impressed and spoiled with lots of new metrics that I wish I had been tracking since the beginning. Being able to look at how much ChroniFI we have and evaluating the true cost of our habits allows my wife and me to make better decisions that align even more with our goals. I definitely recommend using ChroniFI!"


— Property Manager and Stay-at-Home Dad

Why ChroniFI



User-friendly dashboard, graphs, charts, tools, and calculators to help you make better financial decisions.



Every other high-quality FIRE calculator limits your ability to see all of the moving pieces that inform the complicated decisions involved in Financial Independence. ChroniFI changes that by providing a "playground" type of tool that is dynamic, yet easy-to-use.



Most tools only track spending & hypothetical portfolio growth. ChroniFI helps answer (and quantify) real questions like, "When will I reach Financial Independence?" or "How much of an impact does a particular spending habit have on my path to Financial Independence?"

Transparent & Secure

Transparent & Secure

No need to link financial account data or banking information. No advertisements. No selling data to third-parties.

11.4Years to Financial Independence73.4%Average Expense Ratio$784kYour CombinedNet Worth

How It Works

Start enjoying your journey to financial independence with ChroniFI.

No CC required • 30-day free trial • Only $17/month after


The ChroniFI Story

It's not about financial independence ASAP, it's about fulfillment and happiness on the way to financial independence.

Ben Miller

Founder of ChroniFI

I was making more money than I needed, but I wasn't happy. I tracked my net worth and spending, but existing tools left me wondering, "What does it all mean for my life as a whole?"

Then I realized that I needed to see my money for what it was - my time. With some experimentation and a combination of tools, calculators, and early mornings, I was able to crack the code. Seeing my money as time revealed the real cost of things.

That led to better decisions, since I spent my money on what truly mattered to me. I valued what I had more and found I felt more fulfilled with life. Because I changed my view of money, I eventually gained the confidence to know that I had enough to quit my job and do something that made me happy. I chose to:

Spend intentionally

Have more time with my family

Share the concepts that helped me take back my time through ChroniFI

I want to see a world where more people are seeking fulfillment over money. Care to join me?

Learn more about my story

Watch My Story

Take back your time, choose fulfillment over money, and reach financial independence on time.

Once you see your money as time, you'll never see it any other way. That's why right now, we're offering a 30-day free trial. We're all about making life better so we don't even ask for a credit card. No sneaky automatic charges and you can't forget to cancel your trial. Sign up now and measure what matters with ChroniFI.

No CC required • 30-day free trial • Only $17/month after