It's Simple:

Money = Time

ChroniFI helps you understand your finances in terms of time, so you can confidently make better decisions.


Boil everything down to a clear understanding of where you are

Finally understand what your numbers actually mean. Transform your net worth, expenses, and everything else into a clear and simple metric of your financial health: the number of years you can afford to maintain your lifestyle.


See how much progress you're making and why

See how far you've come and understand what's driving your financial progress. Habits, savings, investments - monitor everything and where it fits in so you can keep your mind focused on the things you can actually control.


Understand how your choices impact what matters most

Is your Chipotle habit delaying your retirement by 3 months? Find out where your habits fit into your total financial picture on day one without categorizing a thing.

Don’t just take our word for it

Don’t just take our word for it

4-step path to
financial freedom

Unlock financial freedom with our simple 4-step path that guides you toward financial independence and a secure future.

  • Get clarity

    Distill your financial complexity down to simple numbers that make sense - all on day one!

  • Monitor changes

    Update your numbers twice a month to see what’s changed, and why.

  • Take action

    Use ChroniFI’s tools and analytics to make decisions that align with your goals.

  • Revel in the results

    Make progress toward your ideal life while enjoying every step along the way.

Track habits and what they mean for your life

Track and monitor your financial habits effortlessly

Gain valuable insights into the impact of each habit

Identify areas for improvement

Take control of your habits to accelerate your progress

A few more things you’re
going to love

Contributors to progress

ChroniFI boils it all down to what matters: how much time you've saved up and how long it will be until you can live your ideal life.

Why choose ChroniFI?

Why choose ChroniFI?


ChroniFI boils it all down to what matters: how much time you've saved up and how long it will be until you can live your ideal life.


Doing what's best starts with knowing what's best. ChroniFI tells you what you need to know and puts you in the driver's seat.


Rest easy - account linking is optional, we don't store your credentials or sell your data, and your data is protected.


On day one, you can see insights like, "This sushi habit is delaying your retirement by 3 months," all without categorizing a thing.

Personal note from ChroniFI CEO

“I built ChroniFI to help people simplify their finances so they can confidently make choices that are aligned with their goals. This platform is based on the tools I used to convince myself it was time to stop chasing money and start making meaning.

ChroniFI makes the complex simple by allowing you to see your entire financial picture in one place, and more importantly to understand what it all means in terms of your ability to live the life you love.

With that information in hand, you can pursue a path to financial independence that you can enjoy every step of the way. My ultimate goal is to help people live their most fulfilling lives and place meaning over money on their way to financial freedom. Please join me!”

Ben Miller

CEO, ChroniFI

Ben Miller

CEO, ChroniFI


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